Project Risk Assurance


Governance and Gap Analysis

SPM recognises clients face challenges with their Project Management Frameworks. We focus on governance and gap analysis reviews and recommendations for process improvements; Best Practice Program and Project Management Plans (PgMP’s and PMP’s); and compliance tools and artefacts reviews and recommendations.


Project Management Frameworks

At Program Level
Is your Project Management Framework delivering the required project results for individual, diverse projects of differing risk profiles?

At Project Level
Do you have underperforming projects, or worse still, projects at risk of failure?

Procurement and Approvals Framework
Are your projects at risk of delay for organisational and governance reasons which you feel are beyond your control?

Is Operational Readiness being compromised, affecting business as usual (BAU) requirements?


Benefits of SPM’s Risk Assurance

SPM’s Project Risk Assurance can provide:
Project Health Checks
PMP’s reviewed, and recommendations provided
Program Gateway Methodology
analysis and improvement to take account of differing risk profiles and complexity of projects
Operational Readiness Reviews
to ensure your business is ready to commence operations
Project Incident Reviews
processes identified and reviewed, key personnel interviewed and a detailed analysis conducted to evaluate the reasons for the inability to achieve requirements and to create lessons learned for the future benefit of your development program
Comprehensive and Detailed Report(s) covering key risk areas and opportunities for project and program improvements that can help to create a resilient delivery system

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