Clerk of Works


Quality Assurance

The Clerk of Works is a specific role that focuses on ensuring you receive a quality building. This person has years of construction experience and understands good building practice, construction details and building to standards.


Trained Construction Professionals

Typically, our Clerks of Works are construction professionals who are licensed builders, Architects or engineers. They monitor the quality of construction through intermittent inspections and provide a report identifying issues that the contractor may need to rectify or address.


Clerk of Works Services

Our Clerk of Works service include:
– Review of design documentation and construction details to ensure best practice;
– Buildability advice and reviews with owners, designers and contractors;
– Identification of appropriate inspection and test points during construction;
– On-site inspections during construction;
– Review of Australian Standards and appropriate Building Codes on specific details;
– Review manufacturers installation guides to ensure correct installation and protect product warranties and guarantees; and
– Inspection reports.


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