Affordable Housing

Signature PM was founded at the conclusion of the NBESP Affordable Housing Stimulus where the Director, Dean Gavrilovic worked in the delivery of over $100M of affordable housing. Dean foresaw an opportunity and desire to continue working in the Social and Community Housing sector and has built a company where a significant amount of projects are directly for the Community Housing Sector or Affordable Housing. Dean has over 30 years experience in the property, development and construction industry, delivering a wide range of specialist and unique projects. Dean has worked on affordable housing projects for St George Housing, Common Equity, Ume Housing and more. As an industry expert, Dean provides strategic advice, development and project management in collaboration and with his clients and peers to achieve the highest quality solutions and outcomes.

Senior Project Manager, Ian Redfern has overseen a number of social and affordable housing projects for over the past 10 years for organisations such as St George Community Housing and City West Housing.. Ian has over 30 years experience in residential construction management and possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in construction delivery.



"I was delighted that our paths crossed during the NBESP program; where Dean demonstrated exemplary skills and awareness of the not for profit community housing sector. We worked together on a twelve month construction project, overcoming some very challenging obstacles. He was proactive, timely, professional; great wisdom - advice based on a wealth of experience. Throughout many other projects, I could rely on him with absolute confidence, knowing he champions his client's interests without reservation. His network of contacts equally reflect his commitment to quality. Dean is absolutely dependable, professional and able to manage complex multi-million dollar projects.”  

Ian Sinnett - Former CEO Common Equity NSW

"SPM’s experience in strategy planning has contributed to minimising foreseeable project issues and is proactive in engaging with stakeholders and contractors to discuss and seek solutions to resolve any outstanding matters. Where required, SPM engaged additional staff for their specific areas of expertise.”  

George Bakopoulos - SGCH

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affordable housing

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