masonryIn recent years, multiple factors have converged to create increasing demand for green and sustainable buildings. Stricter building codes, along with LEED and other building performance systems, have boosted the call for more extensive engineering in wall systems.


Manufacturers have responded with a flurry of new products that combine distinct elements such as masonry systems and structural framing. Structural masonry and esthetic masonry have also been blended in some systems. These advances in wall systems have resulted in buildings with improved energy efficiency, structural integrity, and cost effectiveness, while also maintaining the desired appearance.


The systems approach supports the adoption of LEED, Green Star, BREEAM, and other building performance rating systems, enabling architects and specifiers to identify green building products that are backed by a reputable manufacturer, and that help projects stay on spec and budget.


Contractors and masons can more easily specify materials that save installation time, minimise callbacks, and meet some green objectives. Systems also support the needs of developers and building owners, who value LEED certification as a competitive advantage. Building owners and developers also strive to decrease expenses and increase property revenues by using durable, high-quality, and user-friendly materials.


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by Steve Hansen | SOURCEABLE