Rachel Neeson said the Crystal Hall needed to meet a range of project objectives required by the Australian Museum.


Architecturally, it should provide maximum transparency (recasting the Museum as an open living room); respect the historic fabric of the Museum; provide an additional new 120 square metre outdoor ‘hall’; allow flexible use now and for the future – reception by day, new function centre for Sydney by night; be environmentally intelligent; have capacity for display and projection; and, provide continuity of the William Street curtilage as a landscaped whole.


Functionally, it should: be equally accessible to all; re-orient the building back to William Street; and accommodate visitors queuing comfortably and safely within the AM site.


Internally, it should improve the use of spaces within the existing Museum, including significantly enhancing internal circulation, and allow the reinstatement of the old College Street entrance as a part of 630 square metre gallery.


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