Affordable Housing Opportunities in Australia

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Around the world, housing authorities and government treasury/ finance/ taxation/income revenue and planning and infrastructure departments are struggling to find the ways and means of making housing more affordable without increasing national and state debt and deficits.


Australia is not immune to these issues, with Sydney identified as one of the most expensive cities in the world to purchase a house, with average prices exceeding $1 million in the 2016/ 2017 financial year.


Luxury housing tax, levied on new high-end residential properties and rentals, designed to feed a self sustaining fund dedicated to develop truly affordable units (either within new developments or in other locations around the city or jurisdiction is becoming more common. These taxation models can be equated to offset planting policies and practices in the management of the environment for major infrastructure and resource projects – i.e. we will approve you to do this action, but you need to do this in another part of the jurisdiction. Data management is critical to managing these luxury tax imposts.


Some Australian jurisdictions (Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales) have introduced foreign investor tax increases to help slow down market forces, though it is debatable whether true housing affordability will result. The federal government is considering introduction of a broad pre-approval to purchase one new dwelling or vacant residential block. Others still consider stopping or limiting immigrations that will result in more affordable housing becoming available.


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by Brett Skyring | SOURCEABLE

Engineered Glass – All Will Become Clear



Glass is no longer just “a window material.” Modern engineering in conjunction with scientific advancements are allowing it to enhance the quality of living quality, aesthetics and the environment.


Long gone are the days where the use of glass as a building element was a square sheet in a small aperture of a steel, concrete or timber facade.


These days, structural glazing systems result in a completely clean, transparent flush curtain wall that can be tailored to achieve particular acoustic, thermal and photo chromatic outcomes.


Point supported engineered glass systems are the most transparent systems on the market today and can be engineered for any opening or facade. Externally they have silicone joints, but internally they are supported by engineered glass fins and held in place by steel corner fittings which together transfer deadloads and windloads back to the structure.


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by Stephen Smith LL.B., B.Ec. | SOURCEABLE

Turn Your Lawn into a Productive Garden



With increasing urbanisation, landscaped areas are dwindling with more and more hardstand being added to the spreading concrete jungles. Walk down most inner Sydney suburbs and grassy patches are a rare sight.


All of this hardstand area only adds to the stormwater runoff generated during a storm, with efficient guttering and downpipes taking stormwater downstream where it enters receiving waterways, taking with it fine sediments and various types of nutrients and pollutants.


Prior to urbanisation, when water was treasured, stormwater runoff had the opportunity to infiltrate into the land, increasing soil fertility, accommodating plant grown and contributing to the wider ecosystem.


There is a way to reconnect this disconnected system between water and the land.


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by Leonid Bronfentrinker | SOURCEABLE

The 12 Strangest Things Found on Construction Sites in 2016



The earth can be a sort of an unmarked time capsule in many areas. It holds secrets of the past, some of which were hoped to never be found, but others that people dream of finding. Almost every project requires excavation or demolition in some way, so keep your eyes peeled for the next great discovery!


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by Shane Hedmond | Construction Junkie

House Prices Fall in Most Capitals



Property prices have dipped across most of Australia’s capital cities, adding to speculation that the housing price boom is past its peak.


Latest auction result figures from property information group CoreLogic show the number of auctions, and the number of successful sales, increased in the week to May 14 compared with the previous week.


However the value of homes across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth fell by a collective 0.5 per cent for the week and 0.9 per cent for the month, with Brisbane the only capital city to record a rise in values.


"The strong auction results add some complexity to speculation that the housing market is moving through its peak rate of growth," CoreLogic said in a note.


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by Gordon Lane | SOURCEABLE