Crystal Hall Wins Major Public Architecture Award

The Australian Museum’s (AM) new Crystal Hall entrance has been recognised for its simple and elegant combination of glass, steel and colour, taking home the Award for Public Architecture at this year’s NSW Architecture Awards.


The Neeson Murcutt and Joseph Grech designed carbon-neutral entrance features a bespoke crystalline curtain and zig-zagging glass pleats that take full advantage of the AM’s north facing façade. The design casts a glimmering display of refracted light against the AM building at different times throughout the day.


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Projects Gives True Meaning To Ocean Views


UnknownHow does living on the ocean in a community where the goal is to improve personal knowledge, enjoy hobbies, or solve problems common to all people float your boat?

It sounds like story straight from a Star Trek episode but the Venus Project and others like it aims to alleviate the pressure on our land- based population with cities on the sea.

The first phase of The Venus Project’s long-term plans is already underway. Jacque Fresco, futurist, inventor, industrial designer and founder of The Venus Project and associate Roxanne Meadows have completed the construction of a 25-acre research centre in Venus, Florida to help present the proposals of the project.

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SMARTIE Goals – Your First Step on the Path to Success

Variety is the spice of life, or so it’s said, and to ensure that we offer variety, I’m going to write about another methodology that can be utilised for goal setting.  Setting goals is one of the first steps on the path to success.  When you can create a vision of what you are setting out to achieve, and be clear of the steps needed to get there, understand what skills will be needed and what the risks are so they can be mitigated, then the chances of hitting that goal sooner are far higher than if you just set out in a general direction and fly by the seat of your pants and hope it all goes well.  In this article I’m going to describe the elements involved in using the SMARTIE Goal method.

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Due Diligence When It Applies To Buying or Leasing Property

IMG 2226

This month we explore the tale of two clients and the definition of due diligence especially when it applies to buying or leasing property. Remember the story of the three little pigs; one built his house out of bricks, one out of know how it ends. You can cut corners to save time and money, but the person who puts in the hard work reaps the rewards. 
Recently we did a due diligence report for our house of bricks client who wanted to purchase a new property for his organisation in the Brisbane CBD.We looked closely at the proposed property, delving into its condition, positioning, planning laws, floor plate efficiency, potential development options and even flooding